• Dr. Barry D. Denton

Man, Make Your Bed

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

True confession; I’ve read the book "Girl, Wash Your Face" By Rachel Hollis. Now before you take away my man card understand that I live with my wife and two daughters and I’m the only man in an office of about 15 women. And in both of these parts of my life all I hear about is Rachel Hollis and how awesome her blog is and how incredible her book was. So I took it upon myself to read the book in an effort to become more in tune with those incredible women I’m surrounded by every day...okay, I didn't actually read it, I listened to it on Audible.com.

I must admit, the book is really entertaining and I’ve become a fan of Rachel Hollis. What’s more interesting is how the principles of her book apply not just to women but to men. For example, Chapter 3 talks about being a workaholic. I myself am a workaholic...well more like a non-stop-aholic. But I digress...

The reason for this post is not to discuss Rachel or her book but to emphasis the importance of learning and sometimes reading things you wouldn't normally read. Now typically I'm read books on business leadership, biographies and history but this book truly was well worth my time. Not to mention, it has helped me relate to some of the most important people in my world. What I really liked about the book is the blatant honesty in which Rachel speaks which is something I can definitely relate to. So, take a chance guys and read up...you'll be surprise what you might learn.

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